Joint Service Centres (JSC)
Joint Service Centres (JSC)
Establishment of JSCs enables reduction of similar subdivisions or positions in different branches of one company. It ensures distribution of the “best practices” across an enterprise, makes all processes transparent and reduces the costs for maintenance of secondary departments.

A convenient solution for major companies and enterprises with a large number of branches and subdivisions in different cities and countries.
Людмила Шустерова
Lyudmila Shusterova

Director of strategic development

Lyudmila Shusterova

Director of strategic development

“JSCs are the best solution for the companies with a complex distributed structure: a large number of subdivisions, global business nature, sizable personnel, a large volume of similar operations. This approach is already applied by many companies from the Fortune 500 list”.

Unicon Outsourcing services for establishment of Joint Service Centres

We undertake to perform the entire cycle of operations for establishment of a JSC – from development of the methodology and transformation strategy of the customer’s business processes to recruitment and training of personnel, consulting on selection of information systems to support their work, implementation thereof and support of organisational changes in progress. 

How may the results of transition to JSC be assessed? The key criteria are the increase of efficiency of business processes and labour capacity due to moving away from manual information processing and routine operations, reduction of costs due to centralisation and prevention of information duplication.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Advantages of JSC establishment with Unicon Outsourcing

50 years in the world, 30 years in Russia

We offer a combination of best international practices with excellent knowledge of the local market.

We know all about finance

Winner 2016 in nomination Network of the Year, according to International Accounting Bulletin.

Expertise in JSCs establishment worldwide

We are profoundly experienced in the development of joint service centre projects in Russia, Eastern and Western Europe.

Success stories

Russian Railways

Feasibility evaluation of the JSC establishment in the form of a subsidiary

SUAL Group of Companies

JSC establishment

TNK BP Management

Establishment of the joint service center

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