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Project management

What do we do?

The project-based approach is critical when major contracts are outsourced. For instance, when a small start-up company outsources several business processes, one account manager might be enough. But when it comes to payroll accounting covering 15,000 employees distributed among five corporate entities, a project manager is a must-have.

Who needs it? Customers who require a new or improved accounting system and transformation of processes due to transition to an outsourcing model.

How do you know that you need a project manager? In case the scope of work involves the following

Scope of project management service :

  1. Integration management

    ─ Drafting and negotiating a work schedule
    ─ Designing a project charter (the document that defines the project purpose and project management procedures)
    ─ Implementing a project-specific change management procedure
    ─ Preparing weekly reports with the specification of all completed and outstanding tasks, changes and invoices issued

  2. Quality management

    ─ Preparing a matrix of user requirements and monitor progress within the project framework
    ─ Keeping project-specific technical documents updated and transfer the documents to the Client upon project completion
    ─ Organising internal and external system tests
    ─ Developing an optimal strategy for system commissioning and negotiate it with the Client

  3. Cost, change and risk management

    ─ Coordinate changes with all project participants and integrate them into the project
    ─ Keep track of potential project-specific risks, communicate them to the project participants and propose a response strategy to the Client

  4. Schedule management

    ─ Keeping track of the deadlines, revise the schedule in case of project changes

  5. Communications management

    ─ Inform all stakeholders of the project progress directly
    ─ Organise weekly conference calls to update on the progress of project implementation

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Benefits of project management provided by Unicon Outsourcing

Project management according to PMI PMBOK

Best international quality management practices

100 % set-up success

Accomplishment of pre-defined targets for each of the projects completed by Unicon Outsourcing

Effective knowledge transfer

After the launch of your project you receive a comprehensive package of product/service- and project-specific documents

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