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MyBPO: Portal for Outsourcing Management
MyBPO portal is an integrated space for managing outsourcing, where communication between your company and the service team takes place. The portal gives clients of Unicon Outsourcing a modern tool for assessing the efficiency and quality of the services provided.


  1. The portal layout allows you to store documents separately according to the relevant service, site and period. The required document or folder can be added using drag’n’drop or downloaded through a file explorer. The person using the portal can view the history of changes, the author and other parameters of files.

  2. The portal is convenient for setting tasks for a service team, a document or a specific service, and the colour-coded indications and alerts make it easy for you to monitor how they are being implemented.

  3. We have provided a group discussion function to work out any issues that may arise during the course of work on a particular service or site, as well as issues concerning specialists in related fields. All communication history is saved and can be accessed at any time.

  4. A convenient search bar allows you to find any saved document, task or discussion on the portal. Search queries are not limited to names or themes: you can search by a specific period, document type, or any other parameter.

  5. You can immediately get in touch with any questions that may arise over the course of the project about the quality of the work provided by specialists, service, timing or any other issues. The specialists responsible for ensuring the quality of Unicon Outsourcing services will directly receive your message.

  6. The portal can be customised to suit your own work preferences: you can add a company’s logo, create personal views and alerts for events.



The Request System based on the MyBPO portal is intended for setting and monitoring tasks requested by the customer’s authorized employees. The solution allows to streamline data submission, monitor tasks in real time, minimize additional communication, thereby increasing the transparency of process control and ease of interaction.

The solution allows to:

  • generate a convenient list of current tasks and unresolved issues
  • easily sort, filter, group, and search requests using available parameters
  • view the current tasks status
  • generate a complete list of requests associated with all HR and payroll events
  • set automatic reminders for tasks with expiring due date
  • generate reports for control of deadlines and requests processing time
  • fix labor costs for tasks outside the service contract


One of the portal’s key features is its system differentiating between different roles to assign access rights. The roles and rights of employees are regulated and agreed with the client, which helps to protect data from unauthorised access. An employee can only access those tasks and documents that are necessary for him / her within the framework of his / her official duties.


An Integrated Workspace

The company receives the information and documents it needs in a single space, through a single-window system. The documents and any relevant communications arrive through a single interface instead of separate software to share files and messages. MуBPO stores all the necessary information about current outsourcing services and project work, which can never be lost.

Resource Saving

By using MyBPO portal, you will be able to significantly reduce the time your specialists spend discussing, finding solutions and controlling tasks.


MyBPO makes it convenient to work with documents and tasks from anywhere in the world using any stationary devices. All documents and files are available via a web interface.

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