International business development services
International business development services

In this new reality, many companies start thinking about leaving the Russian market or relocating to other countries. Implementation of such strategy will require suspension of all operations or liquidation of the company in Russia and creation of a new legal entity in a different country.

If a company does not plan to cease its operations in Russia, but also wants to explore opportunities for development abroad, it may also require assistance in the area of international business process management.


  1. We will conduct comprehensive market research to define the most relevant product sales sectors. We will develop a marketing strategy, make estimations and forecasts of consumption volumes, analyse the competitive environment and provide a detailed analysis of market distribution channels.

  2. We will help you to register a company in any jurisdictions, including free zones (where applicable). We will provide support in opening a bank account, obtaining the necessary licenses, selection of physical offices and arrangement of virtual ones. We will provide support in the process of business immigration.

  3. We will represent the company’s interests abroad. We will develop a concept for promoting business in local markets. We will negotiate with partners and contractors, help with the distribution of goods and services. We will provide the required specialists on a project basis.

  4. We will provide step-by-step support of import and export operations. We will assess the export potential of the company in foreign markets. We will eliminate trade and administrative barriers. We will optimise supply chains and help with product certification.

  5. We will organise individual turnkey business missions. We will provide VIP support and participation in business conferences and events. We will define the target audience, develop a concept and hold a road show with further backing of potential deals. We will provide the necessary logistics support.

  6. We will analyse the activities and provide practical guidelines for bringing the company to international markets. We will help to determine a strategy for promoting products, analyse possible risks and ways of their mitigation.

  7. We will ensure the operational functioning of the enterprise abroad. We will help to optimise business processes and reduce costs in accounting, HR administration, payroll calculation and labour protection. We will conduct an audit and an anti-crisis survey of the business. We will implement the cutting edge IT solutions.

  8. We will find relevant customers, distributors and business partners abroad. We will arrange negotiations, hold product presentations and carry out further support of transactions. We will check counterparties, help to build up a dialogue with regulators and government agencies.

  9. We will help to transport cargoes through the customs authorities. We will prepare documentation for goods registration, waybills and other documents. We will provide the customs transit procedure. We will defend the company’s interests before the customs authorities.

  10. We will draw up international agreements and accompany foreign trade contracts. We will help in cooperation with regulatory authorities. We protect the intellectual property. We will settle legal disputes and represent your interests in international arbitrations.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.
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