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Small and medium companies without in-house legal experts usually face difficulties in complying with Russian laws and documentation of some actions like opening branch offices, changing form of incorporation, closures of deals, etc.

Unicon Outsourcing’s lawyers can help you cope with anything. They will advise you and assist in registering corporate changes.

When we may be of service:

as well as

  1. Change of a CEO, or head of an affiliation or an agency

  2. Change of the company’s charter capital

  3. Change of place of incorporation

  4. Change of articles of association

  5. Accrediting foreign employees

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Reasons to choose Unicon Outsourcing legal support

Saving your funds

You don’t need to hire a specialist. Pay only for the work actually done.


Over 200 successful projects and satisfied customers.

End-to-end services

All basic business processes maintained by a single provider, from incorporation to handling tax issues.

N. Lyakhovaya

CEO, Xango LLC

“Xango LLC, in the name of the Chief Executive Officer and all senior executives of the company, expresses its gratitude to Unicon Outsourcing for the highest quality of their legal and financial services.”

Success stories

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End-to-end outsourcing of business processes for a consulting firm


End-to-end outsourcing (finance, payroll, HR, legal) for a telecom company

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