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A timesheet is a document used by the accountant to run payroll calculations for an employee based on the days and hours worked thereby.  Timesheets are virtually indispensable for the companies that record total hours worked or have a shift schedule. (As a rule, these are companies in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and HoReCa – in a word, all companies operating seven days a week with shifts and overtimes).

The timesheet can be kept manually, but if the staff is large, this will take too much time from the keeper. Moreover, there is a danger of confusion, inaccuracies in the data, and employees’ complaints due to failure to calculate the salary for an extra day worked.

The timesheet offered by Unicon Outsourcing will help you solve these problems.

An electronic time recording sheet is a 1C-based application that can be used through a Web interface. A Web timesheet makes part of 1C User Account tool, but can work independently.

A Web timesheet can be purchased if your company chooses to outsource payroll and/or HR administration.

How does a Web timesheet work?

  1. for each employee whose personal data have been entered in the accounting system.

  2. provided that the relevant documents have been submitted to the HR Administration Department.

  3. will enter the data on the days of absence, overtimes, and tardiness in the document and approve the timesheet.

  4. The days of sick leaves, business trips, and vacations for which the HR Department has no documents will be highlighted in red and the timesheet keeper will see which particular documents are missing.

  5. followed by payroll calculations carried out by the payroll officers.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Benefits of Unicon Outsourcing Web timesheet:

Helps prevent errors in payroll calculations

All data on the hours worked by the employee are fed to the accounting department in good time and free of errors. 


The timesheets may be approved on the spot: all you need is just a laptop connected to the network.

Helps cut the time devoted to accounting

Automated timesheet generation and verification save the time necessary to record the working hours of rank-and-file employees.

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