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Outsourcing the Chief Accountant function (aka Remote Chief Accountant) is about planning accounting policies and, if necessary, managing the customer’s accountancy office.

The Scope of the Chief Accountant Service

  1. Reviewing current accounting policies and developing new ones     

  2. Establishing and maintaining financial, tax and managerial accounting

  3. Providing methodological assistance in accounting and financial control

  4. Monitoring and training personnel involved in financial or accounting operations of the customer

  5. Tax planning

  6. Analyzing contracts as per their financial, legal and tax consequences       

  7. Closing reporting periods and compiling the required tax/financial reports

  8. Analyzing and collating settlement statements with counterparties

  9. Preparing corporate reports, including by international standards (IFRS, GAAP, etc.)

  10. Representing the customer at the Tax Inspectorate or during tax audits       

  11. Supporting at the time of audits            

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Why outsourcing the Chief Accountant function to Unicon Outsourcing

Confirmed qualification

Professional skills and expertise of Unicon Outsourcing’s specialists are annually tested and continuously developed

Transparency and Accountancy Control

Workers of outsourcing companies have no interest in the report’s figures, and cannot be manipulated. This guarantees the credibility of the financial information you get.

Tax Risks Insurance

Unicon Outsourcing’s civil responsibility is insured at Ingosstrah Insurance. In case our employee is at fault, we will reimburse you for the amount of the tax penalty.

Leszek Karpowiez

Managing Director Remy Cointreau

We have the pleasure of working with Unicon Outsourcing for several years. We truly admit the professional level of all team members of Unicon Outsourcing, responsibility, responsiveness, as well as the ability to advise us on issues relating to labour legislation. So I can say with complete confidence that Unicon Outsourcing is committed to understanding our Company's needs.

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