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Russian labor laws are much stricter than those in Western Europe or America. Furthermore, its regulations and penalties became even stricter in early 2015.

HR administration has become more complicated because Russia lacks a uniform regulatory framework for labor relations, tax payments and interaction between companies and regulators. This sphere is covered in different sections of the labor and tax codes, and other bylaws.

Outsourcing HR administration lets you comply with all legal requirements, cut document turnover expenses and mitigates risks related to complex situations or conflicts with your employees.


  1. Analyzing business processes for the customer’s HR management and organization of the HR department’s operations (if needed)

  2. Organizing HR management from scratch (for startups) or developing proposals for optimizing existing work schemes

  3. Consulting on labor legislation issues

  4. Arranging HR documentation and developing local regulations for work relations

  5. Setting up IT systems for HR administration

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

HR Administration includes Military registration. We provide the following services:

  1. Determination of the circle of Employees subject to military registration, restoration of accounting documents (personal T-2 cards), entering data about employees in accordance with the requirements of the law

  2. Preparation of the necessary documentation, development of a work plan for maintaining military records

  3. Checking of the documents of military registration, services for the employee’s military registration, creating notifications for informing the military commissariats about the employees who are not registered with the military, but are obliged to be, about changes in personal data or the dismissal

  4. Formation of annual reports of male citizens who are subject to initial registration for military registration, provision of required information about citizens who are on military registration or who are not registered but should be on military registration by the request of the military commissariats, annually report (explanatory note) on the status of work to the department of the military commissariat


  • Creation and maintenance of HR documentation
  • Creation of personnel files, and arranging personnel data storage
  • Development of application templates for your company
  • Development of standard regulations for HR administration
  • Producing job contracts and amendments or appendices for job contracts if labor conditions change
  • Keeping logs of HR documentation registration
  • Keeping accountancy books for service records and appendices thereof
  • Completing sick leave documentation and calculations for qualifying periods
  • Producing vacation and business trip documents
  • Preparation of daily timesheet records
  • Preparing job statements and excerpts from service record books or copies of them
  • Storage of service record books
  • Execution of INILA.

If necessary, the list may be abridged or extended at the customer’s discretion.



Rest assured that your documents and HR processes are in full compliance with Russian legislation.


You get exactly what you need without any unneeded options. We save our customers’ money by standardizing procedures.


We’ll help organize HR administration, minimize expenses for your company and make it easy for your employees.

O. Naryshkin

CEO of MAN Financial Services LLC

"Unicon Outsourcing has been actively and successfully cooperating with our company since 2011 providing HR administration and payroll calculation services. For the period in question, the rendered services have been professional. The proficiency of Unicon Outsourcing’s specialists maintains a high quality of services."

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Payroll, HR administration, labour safety


Payroll, HR administration and labour safety


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