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General Manager Service is a way to retain control over your organization and keep it running in periods when the company’s management is absent in Russia, or has not assumed office yet.

The service will be of use in the following cases:

  1. Entering Russian market.
    It allows foreign companies entering Russia to accelerate their branch office’s registration while mitigating risks regarding hire of a new CEO. According to the Russian laws, an enterprise requires a CEO as early as at the incorporation phase. However, not all foreign companies are capable of hiring a CEO by this moment. It takes about two months for a foreign citizen to obtain work permit, while hiring an untried person often involves some risks as CEO powers are large.

  2. Change of management
    If one CEO has already resigned, while a new official is yet to be found, a company may face multiple difficulties in executing labor, tax and customs documents, opening bank accounts, etc. This problem, however, may be solved by outsourcing the function of a nominal CEO (head of office/agency/branch) with a services of outsourcing provider. It may take on checking and signing the required papers (with the approval of the parent company); and represent the company while interacting with government authorities.

The Scope of General Manager Service

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.
The function of a CEO/office head is assigned to an employee of Unicon Outsourcing being a Russian citizen highly experienced in work with international companies and speaking English.

! The service is rendered only with HR administration, payroll and accounting services. It means that the General Manager is personally responsible for the enterprise’s compliance with legal requirements.

Unicon Outsourcing is willing to provide legal advise on financial, tax and labor laws of Russia as necessary, as well as provide a corporate secretary service.

Why using Unicon Outsourcing’s General Manager Service?

Transparency and control

The outsourcing company provides the customer’s management with objective data only

End-to-end Support

You may have all basic business processes supported by the same provider, from registration to covering tax issues

Speaking the same language

We understand the specificity and needs of foreign companies while knowing the peculiarities of Russian laws and markets

Lyudmila Kapuskina

Administrative Director at Amdoсs Solutions Ltd. LLC

“It’s not a secret that Russian financial and tax accounting is very complex, and how hard it can be to interact with government entities. Unicon Outsourcing put its best efforts to settle arguable points with tax authorities, and eventually defended our interests.”

Success Stories

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Legal services (including General Manager Service), accounting, payroll and HR administration

Tower Watson

General Manager Service and end-to-end outsourcing of business processes for a consulting company


End-to-end outsourcing (accounting, payroll, HR administration, legal support) for a telecom company

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