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Corporate secretary services
Quite often, small companies see little profit in having an in-house lawyer, however, every now and then they may have questions as to Russian legal requirements for corporate documentation, holding annual stockholders meetings, etc.

 We may help you find the way through the complex world of Russian corporate legislation. Our lawyers will advise you as needed, and will prepare the documents you actually require.

Scope of Corporate Secretary services:

  1. Legal audit of the customer’s legal documents (letters of associations, internal provisions, minutes of meetings, resolutions, etc.)

  2. Preparation of documents for general shareholders meetings (minutes of meeting, resolutions, notifications, voting bulletins, etc.)

  3. Preparation of documents required for Russian companies (list of shareholders, annual reports, list of affiliated persons, etc.)

  4. Preparing legal documents at the customer’s request (changing the charter, minutes of meetings, resolutions, provisions on governance bodies, etc.)

  5. Advising on corporate procedures

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Reasons to choose Unicon Outsourcing corporate secretary


Over 200 successful projects and satisfied customers

Knowledge of the russian market and worldwide best practices

We know global standards, but take into account the peculiarities of local markets.

End-to-end services

All basic business processes maintained by a single provider, from incorporation to handling tax issues

V. Popovski

regional manager at SMART Technologies

“Over the time of our cooperation, the company has proven its proficiency, creativity and promptness in covering the tasks assigned.” 

Success stories

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