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Accountancy services cover the following:
  • accounting according russian GAAP;
  • preparing managerial and corporate reports according US GAAP, IFRS;
  • accounting financial results. preparing tax and financial reports;
  • analyzing client's contracts from russian legislation point of view;
  • accounting, tax and labour legislation consulting.

Other accounting services

One-time accounting projects
  1. Accounting, tax and management accounts set up

    You will get a well-functioning system with an optimal tax burden.

  2. Notifications on controlled transactions

    We will help you pass tax audits on transfer pricing, and we will protect you from fines.

  3. Restoration of accounting

    We will put the documents in order, help you avoid fines and other sanctions from the tax authorities.

  4. Verification of contractors

    We minimize your risks: we will protect you from working with one-day firms and avoid fines for dubious transactions.

  5. Optimization of accounting

    We will analyze work processes, save money and create a target model to follow.

  6. Consultation on accounting and taxation

    We will help in solving controversial and difficult situations.

Services for certain areas of accounting
  1. Function "chief accountant"

    We will help to plan the accounting policy and also if necessary take over the management of your accounting department

  2. Processing advanced reports

    We can take on the full cycle of documentation processing (collection, scanning, storage of paperdocuments and data entry of advance reports into the electronic system) or only part of these processes.

  3. Outsourcing of other accounting areas

    We can conduct separate areas of settlement with buyers and suppliers, payroll, tax accounting.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.


 Annual earnings / million rubles  Estimated cost (per month) / rubles
 < 20  Sorry, we are specialize to serve larger business
 up to 25  35 000 — 60 000
 up to 50  45 000 — 90 000
 up to 80  65 000 — 95 000
 up to 100  80 000 — 145 000
 up to 150  95 000 — 170 000
 >150  We need to undertake the additional assessment.

Why transferring accountancy to Unicon Outsourcing

Transparency and control

An outsourcing company has no interest in the garbling of financial data. It provides the customer’s managers with true-to-fact information only

Tax risks reduced

We have experts in law, keeping their finger on legislation and its interpretations. We also undertake all necessary engagements with tax authorities

Technological expertise

We run accountancy with 1C/SAP software, using Hamilton/Concur-based portal solutions for particular accountancy features

Fast close

One of Unicon Outsourcing’s advantages in the sphere of accounting is an optional early closure of the reporting period for international companies (known as fast close, i.e. getting management accounts ready on the third to the fifth business day following the end of the month/year).
How we do fast close

    Those settings allow us to obtain the information we need to compile a management report directly from the operations an accountant is doing in the system without wasting time on transforming reports.

    In some situations (for example, when a company has many cost centers), we use a special add-on that allows us to conduct parallel accounting under RAS and IFRS.

    We always make advance plans and distribute the load of our accounting team serving a client accordingly, so that our employees can set aside time for reconciling accounts and balance sheets, preparing reports and conducting other necessary operations.

    If needed, Unicon Outsourcing specialists can conduct an express audit of the accounting department and provide advice on ways to streamline accounting paperwork of a client company and its interaction with the suppliers to make sure that paperwork-related delays do not get in the way of a fast close.

Success stories


Accounting, tax reporting, HR administering


Complex HR and accountancy services


Audit of accounting and tax compliance

Lyudmila Kapuskina

Administrative Director Amdocs Solutions Ltd.

"After years of cooperation with Unicon Outsourcing, I can state without a shadow of doubt that the top priority of this company is its clients’ satisfaction and that it is highly professional, relying on a comprehensive approach. Unicon Outsourcing professionals know about the latest changes in Russian legislation and are capable of giving complex advice and competent recommendations."
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