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Setup of financial and tax accounting is required for any company launching or expanding/changing its operations.

Steps in financial and management accounting setup

  1. We analyze the specificity of your company’s operations along with tax and labor laws applicable in your industry. We also examine your accountancy system, if any, to identify its weaknesses and strengths.

  2. Based on the information thus raised, we develop an optimal policy allowing for cuts in expenditures and timely provision of any data on the company’s financial state, on the one hand, and minimization of tax risks, on the other hand.

  3. We’re ready to create a paperflow system (russian legislation still does not encourage electronic versions of most documents), and to organize an e-document turnover system (including for legally significant papers).

  4. We help create a plan for books of accounts with an eye on the latest requirements of the ministry of finance.

  5. We ensure compliance of all your systems with the requirements of the russian law and their user-friendliness.

  6. We create templates for basic documents related to financial and economic operations.

  7. Drawing on earlier prepared documents and systems, we organize managerial accountancy (collecting and analyzing financial information to make managerial decisions).

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.
Fast close
One of Unicon Outsourcing’s advantages in the sphere of accounting is an optional early closure of the reporting period for international companies (known as fast close, i.e. getting management accounts ready on the third to the fifth business day following the end of the month/year).

Currently, over 90% of Unicon Outsourcing’s customers use fast close. We take pride in helping our clients promptly get reliable accounting data that they need to go about their business.
How we do fast close

    Those settings allow us to obtain the information we need to compile a management report directly from the operations an accountant is doing in the system without wasting time on transforming reports.

    In some situations (for example, when a company has many cost centers), we use a special add-on that allows us to conduct parallel accounting under RAS and IFRS.

    We always make advance plans and distribute the load of our accounting team serving a client accordingly, so that our employees can set aside time for reconciling accounts and balance sheets, preparing reports and conducting other necessary operations.

    If needed, Unicon Outsourcing specialists can conduct an express audit of the accounting department and provide advice on ways to streamline accounting paperwork of a client company and its interaction with the suppliers to make sure that paperwork-related delays do not get in the way of a fast close.

Why setting up financial and tax accountancy with Unicon Outsourcing

Compliance of your accounting with best international practices and latest requirements of the Russian law

You may rely on our 30+-year experience in Russian and international markets, as well as the expertise of our methodologists restlessly picking information on all amendments to the Russian law and their interpretations.

Transparency & control

Get credible information on your company’s financial operations; monitor your assets and liabilities!

Technological expertise

We use 1C, SAP software and portal solutions for particular accountancy sectors based on Hamilton and Concur, thus finding most optimal solutions for your industry and your company.

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CEO, Hipra

"Unicon Outsourcing is our partner in outsourcing business processes. Over the five years of our cooperation, Unicon Outsourcing’s team has proven its high proficiency, expertise and proactivity in covering the assigned tasks."

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