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Payroll calculation

We render payroll accounting services to all enterprises of 10 to 15,000 employees. Every year, we prepare upwards of 540,000 payslips.

Payroll services

  1. in addition to other compensation payments, tax and insurance deductions, preparation, submittal and maintenance of reports for tax authorities, social insurance funds and pension funds, undergoing fiscal inspections, and maintenance of IT payroll systems.

  2. And other compensation payments for some of the company's employees. Sometimes, for some reason, the company's management considers it inappropriate to outsource the payroll functions for all employees of the company, but does not want to give information about the salaries to the HR department, for example, of top managers. In this case, it is possible to outsource the calculation of compensation for only a part of the specialists.

  3. We provide a web portal for our customer’s employees and post payslips thereon. Each employee has their login and password, with access rights strictly specified for each group of users. It guarantees continuity of data privacy. Customer’s employees also may ask questions about their wages and other payments and request different types of certificates through the web portal.

  4. We interview your employees, analyze existing accounting documents and HR policies, describe business processes, find weaknesses and give recommendations on what can be improved.

Full payroll accounting is the most popular service among our customers.

What does it cover?


 Number of employees  Costs per month, RUB
 up to 3 employees  9 900
 up to 10 employees  16 800
 up to 25 employees  29 200
 up to 50 employees  43 600
 up to 100 employees  61 800
 More then 100  Additional estimate is required.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.


  • MyPayslip Web Portal
  • Payslip HR-Bot
  • Portal for Outsourcing Management
  • Request System
  • Web Timesheet
MyPayslip Web Portal

A self-service tool for employees to quickly resolve HR issues. The portal solution is integrated with the 1C database and allows connecting the HR Electronic Document Flow (HREDF) function.

The solution allows to:

  • view payslips and ask questions regarding the documents
  • request statements
  • obtain approval of requests for vacation, business trips, overtime, absence from work, etc.
  • view and edit personal data
  • control the remaining and used leave days
  • appoint deputy employees for the time of absence from work

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MyPayslip Web Portal
Payslip HR-Bot

The HR-Bot is a convenient service that helps employees gain access to the HR information and payroll data they need.

The solution allows to:

  • obtain information on vacation, i.e. the number of remaining vacation days, calculation of vacation payments, vacation schedule
  • issue payslips (both for the current and previous months)
  • display files in PDF format, including such documents as policies, instructions, regulations, and the company’s internal calendar
  • calculate the benefits an employee is due as per the company’s HR policy
  • request personal income tax form (Form 2-NDFL) 
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Payslip HR-Bot
Portal for Outsourcing Management

A cloud space where the communication between the client and service team takes place. This tool allows users to exchange documents, track changes thereof, set and monitor tasks.

The solution allows to:

  • share documents
  • store files in a digital archive
  • set tasks and track the progress thereof
  • communicate with the service team
  • quickly find the information you need
  • provide feedback 
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Portal for Outsourcing Management
Request System

A tool based on MyBPO portal allowing for setting and monitoring tasks associated with payroll calculation and HR administration services requested by the customer’s authorized employees. The solution allows to streamline data submission, monitor tasks in real time, minimize additional communication, thereby increasing the transparency of process control and ease of interaction.

The solution allows to:

  • have an integrated workspace available 24/7
  • maintain an up-to-date list of current tasks
  • sort, filter, and group tasks by date of creation, title, and other parameters
  • receive quick feedback on requests
  • set automatic reminders for tasks with expiring due date
  • generate regular reports for control of deadlines and requests processing time 
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Request System
Web Timesheet

Timesheets are intended for the companies that record total hours worked or feature a shift schedule, continuous operation, or regional branches.

The solution allows to:

  • create, adjust, and monitor schedules for compliance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation
  • coordinate approved individual schedules and timesheets with managers
  • create printed versions of work schedules, changes in schedules, and timesheets
  • automatically control the compliance of personnel records with 1C data
  • track all work time deviations in timesheets online
  • create and adjust time sheets as per the predetermined list based on approved individual work schedules (or estimated work schedules established during hiring/transferring the employee)
  • appoint replacement timesheet keepers 
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Why outsourcing payroll accounting at Unicon Outsourcing

Cost reduction

Uniform employee load distribution and the effect of scope-related savings allows Unicon Outsourcing to keep prices low

Full confidentiality

Absence of human factors: data on your employees’ revenues will remain unknown to anyone but authorised specialists

SSAE18/ISAE3402 compliance

Unicon Outsourcing is the first outsourcing service provider in Russia to receive a combined report on these two standards. Our clients can reduce their audit costs.

Elena Tergueva

Head of HR Department for Russia and Eastern Regions Ericsson

"Unicon Outsourcing is our active and reliable partner since 2013. It provides a wide range of services in outsourcing HR management and payroll calculation. The company has been rendering professional services during this period. The expertise of Unicon Outsourcing specialists assures high quality of the services rendered."

Success stories

Schneider Electric

Payroll accounting for 12 000 employees


Payroll outsourcing for 5500+ employees

InterContinental Hotels Group

Accounting, HR and payroll outsourcing

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