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Accounting in accordance with IFRS and GAAP international standards provides a complete and objective picture of your company’s current state of affairs. IFRS/GAAP accountancy is the closest procedure to managerial accountancy and focuses on business objectives, so it’s good for decision making.

Unicon Outsourcing runs accountancy to provide reporting formed accordingly with international standards via paralleled accountancy per Russian Accounting Standards and IFRS.

IFRS/GAAP accountancy phasing is as follows:

  1. We will analyze your company’s specificity and specific features of tax/labor laws applicable in your industry. We will also research the company’s current accountancy system, if any.

  2. We shall develop the best accountancy policy to cut costs and timely provide any information on the enterprise’s financial state.

  3. We may help form a plan of accounts with a view to the Ministry of Finance’s latest requirements.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Methodological support for ERP/accountancy systems

We will set up accountancy and management systems of an enterprise to maintain prompt reception of any information required for accounting per Russian and international standards.


 Annual earnings / million rubles  Estimated cost (per month) / rubles
 < 20  Sorry, we are specialize to serve larger business
 up to 25  35 000 — 60 000
 up to 50  45 000 — 90 000
 up to 80  65 000 — 95 000
 up to 100  80 000 — 145 000
 up to 150  95 000 — 170 000
 >150  We need to undertake the additional assessment.

Advantages of IFRS/GAAP accountancy with Unicon Outsourcing

Saving your funds

Affordable prices. No need to hire expensive IFRS/GAAP specialists

Transparency and control

You may have reliable info on all financial flows of your enterprise, and keep a finger on your company’s assets and liabilities

Technological expertise

We run accountancy with 1C/SAP software, and use Hamilton/Concur-based portal solutions for particular accountancy features

Lyudmila Kapuskina

Administrative Director Amdocs Solutions Ltd.

"After years of cooperation with Unicon Outsourcing, I can state without a shadow of doubt that the top priority of this company is its clients’ satisfaction and that it is highly professional, relying on a comprehensive approach. Unicon Outsourcing professionals know about the latest changes in Russian legislation and are capable of giving complex advice and competent recommendations."

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