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Sometimes the cost of maintaining an accounting service seems too high. The external experts’ assessment of accounting efficiency may prove helpful for analysis of business processes, cost savings and development of the target model of this function operation.

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Experts at Unicon Outsourcing will assess how business processes are organised within your accounting department, whether the functions are distributed correctly, if there is any unnecessary work or duplication of duties, and if some of the operations could be automated.  If required, we will test our customer’s accounting staff to find out if they need further training. 

Risks of non-optimized accounting

  1. Inefficient bookkeeping and tax accounting

    ─ Different programs are used for the purposes of bookkeeping and tax accounting, which increases the risk of errors, data discrepancies, and increases the time and resources spent on the task.
    ─ Reports are filled in and submitted with errors, and clarifying declarations are required.

  2. Non-influenceable tax risks

    ─ The company spends more money on paying taxes than it should.
    ─ The calculation does not take into account legal tax optimisation options (if they exist and are applicable in this industry).

  3. Non-optimized processes

    ─ Some of the company’s processes are not automated, and most of the data is entered manually, which leads to errors and increases labour costs.
    ─ The software functionalities are not fully employed, because employees do not have enough qualifications or user knowledge, which increases the time required to complete tasks.
    ─ The information is not received in time within the company due to the problems with interaction between departments.

  4. Irrelevant rules

    ─ Employees’ responsibilities are not fixed, so tasks are distributed in a non-optimal or uneven manner.
    ─ The functions of full-time employees are duplicated.
    ─ Work processes (such as document approval) are too time-consuming: documents are lost, collected with delay, or delayed at intermediate stages.

What Optimisation in Accounting includes

We are ready to prepare an improvement plan and provide support in reorganising your financial and accounting processes.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Benefits of Optimisation in Accounting from Unicon Outsourcing


An outsourcing company is not interested in misrepresenting data and cannot be put pressure on. Therefore, it only provides unbiased information to the customer’s management.


You are welcome to take advantage of our experience gained over the 30+ years of our operation in the Russian and global markets.


In certain projects, we were able to reduce the staff numbers in the customer’s accounting function by 19 %.

Success stories

Refund of more than 5.5 million rubles of overpaid taxes

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Audit of accounting and tax compliance


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