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Outsourcing of Expense Reports Processing

Expense reports processing with is:

Timely coverage of tasks

Statistically, up to 50% of business trip-related documents are not submitted in time. Portal solutions and statement processing at Unicon Outsourcing will help solve the problem.

Worker Debt Decrease

Fast execution and processing of statements result in decrease of workers’ debt to the enterprise and enhancement of expenditure control

Work Won’t Halt

You won’t have to worry how to hire and keep employees to work at a complex sector. We’ll ensure the process’s continuity.

Scope of service

  1. We study the customer’s procedures for business trip organization and expense reports ordering.

  2. for business trip ordering andexpense reports processing pursuant to the customer’s requirements, and integrating it with ERP and other systems of the customer

  3. as to their completeness and compliance with Russian laws.

  4. to form tax registers for revenue taxes

  5. to upload it in the customer’s accountancy system

  6. Receiving, signing, collating and filing original documents

  7. creation of payslips, drawing up car leasing agreements, etc.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Success stories

Automation of expense reports

Automation of expense reports

Nissan Manufacturing Rus

Automation of expense reports processing

Fast, accurate and convenient: expense reports for a global on-demand mobility company

Expense report processing, compensation calculation, creating a single portal, integration with 1C

Alena Gatina

Finance Manager at Nissan

“Upon transition to electronic document flow which has also included processing of expense reports, total control of expenses became the most important advantage for us. Besides, expenses on paper document flow, like courier services, archiving, etc., have reduced. The company management gained full access to information on each document and its processing stage. Changes in the document flow system gave rise to the optimisation of quite a number of processes in the company work.”
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