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A client may choose to enhance the functionality of the portal by selecting the MyPayslip+ version, which, in addition to providing access to payslip history, lets employees:

  1. ask questions directly to Unicon Outsourcing payroll specialists regarding how their salaries were calculated;
  2. request statements, for example, Form 2-NDFL, for use in embassies, banks, etc.;
  3. view their correspondence history, so that they can access at any time all prior information which they received from payroll specialists.


  1. for any period.

  2. directly to payroll specialists and receive an answer to that question in the same chat window.

  3. necessary statements.


The portal has an easy-to-use interface and a simple design: after Unicon Outsourcing accountants have prepared the payslips, our clients’ employees can view their payslips, ask questions, or request statements, for example, Form 2-NDFL. To ask a question, an employee simply clicks on the button located next to each payslip. After clicking on the button, a new chat window appears, and the employee may begin to chat online with one of Unicon Outsourcing’s payroll specialists.

In contrast to the usual method of communicating via a call centre, communication via the portal provides for internal security, as it allows employees to be instantly identified. In addition, this means of communication allows for incoming questions to be assigned to Unicon Outsourcing’s team of specialists, and this, in turn, improves the speed of data processing.

Анна Калашникова
Anna Kalashnikova

Head of Payroll Department

Anna Kalashnikova

Head of Payroll Department

“At present, we have released the portal in Russian and English language versions. Employees of Unicon Outsourcing are already using these versions with major clients. We are always ready to discuss the benefits which the portal offers, and to demonstrate how it works”.

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Comfort for employees

24/7 access to payslips for the entire time period, from any device connected to the internet.

Transparency and control

The entire chat history is saved on the portal, and query statistics may be searched for.


Personal data is not saved in the portal. Personal data is only accessible while an employee is viewing his/her payslips following the authentication.

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