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Scope of company liquidation services:


Striking off registers in relevant entities

We’ll maintain an entry on your company’s dissolution in the Unified Register of Legal Entities or Register of Affiliations of Foreign Companies


Termination of employment

Negotiating the conditions of employment termination with your workers, and drawing up all documents required in the course of the termination


Dissolution of assets

We help liquidate basic assets (means of transportation, premises, equipment, etc.)


Settlement of relations with creditors and debtors

Assistance in settlement of relations with your company’s creditors and debtors


Closing off your accounts

Closing off you bank accounts


Tax audits

Our methodologists and accountants will carry out collations with the IFTS and extra-budgetary funds, and, if necessary, will assist in undergoing tax audits


Preparation of dissolution documents

Preparing and submitting dissolution documents


Striking off registers in the IFTS and extra-budgetary funds

Assistance in settlement of disputes concerning taxes, and striking of registers in tax and extra-budgetary entities (pension fund, social insurance fund, etc.)


We will help put the company into the “Sleep Mode” by freezing the company’s activities and preserving its business potential in the Russian market.

We will provide the necessary legal support for your business.



  • Adopting a resolution on liquidation
  • Notifying state authorities
  • Terminating of employment
  • Notifying creditors
  • Reconciling accounts, preparing interim Balance Sheet
  • Obtaining approval of the interim Balance Sheet, notifying registration authorities
  • Finalizing settlement of accounts
  • Preparing and obtaining approval of liquidation Balance Sheet
  • Closing of bank accounts
  • Preparing archive and final reporting to the funds
  • Closing of liquidation process


  • Corporate Report
  • Package of documents for the accounting period
  • Package of quarterly reporting documents
  • Individual reports to Pension Fund, IFTS with acknowledgement of receipt
  • Written
  • Statement on the audit performed by the funds, indicating the result (either confirming compliance, or specifying the amount of penalties paid for detected errors)
  • Tax Audit Certificate and Report
  • Records or Resolution on liquidation


Liquidation advice fee starts from 3,600 RUB.

The cost of company dissolution is estimated on an individual basis. It depends on several aspects:

  • Is the company active? In case an entity has zero-turnover, the liquidation costs less.
  • Are there any employees? We prepare full package of documents required for termination and address complicated cases: maternity leave, temporary disability, etc.
  • Are employees aware of the liquidation? We will send them written notifications of liquidation in conformity with the law.
  • Does the company have an Electronic Digital Signature (EDS)? EDS-based liquidation process costs less and is performed online. No need to appoint a meeting with a lawyer.
  • Does the company have debts? Voluntary liquidation requires settling any liabilities to the employees, tax authorities and funds. We will advise you on the best solutions.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Why incorporating an enterprise with Unicon Outsourcing

Tax risks mitigated

Our civil liability is insured by Ingosstrah. We reimburse our customers for all penalty charges, should they arise as a result of our worker’s error.

50 years in the world, 20+ years in Russia

We offer our customers to use our knowledge of the world’s best practices and Russia’s business peculiarities.

Knowledge of the russian market and worldwide best practices

We know global standards, but take into account the peculiarities of local markets.

N. Lyakhovaya

CEO, Xango LLC

“Xango LLC, in the name of the Chief Executive Officer and all senior executives of the company, expresses its gratitude to Unicon Outsourcing for the highest quality of their legal and financial services.”

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