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Legal Support

Business Legal Advice

  1. Analysis of received claims, legislative interpretation, counselling on conclusion, performance, termination of contracts

  2. Drawing and verification of civil law contracts with Russian contractors, development of additional agreements and protocols on contracts, compliance analysis of employment contracts

  3. Drawing and verification of documents

  4. Integrity check of suppliers based on open sources and the databases of paid systems

  5. Preparation of statements, letters, complaints, pre-trial claims, responses to received requests

  6. Assessment of litigation prospects, issue of written opinions, drawing of procedural documents, court advocacy

  7. Preparation of documents for Annual Meetings, minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Members and minutes of the meeting of the Board of Directors

  8. Including contracts, additional agreements, statements of disagreements, clarifications and responses to requests

  9. Control and notification of changes related to company’s operations

  10. for grounds for debt collection from contractors

On Demand Services

Judicial disputes
Development of a legal stance and assessment of litigation prospects, assistance in the preparation of procedural instruments and evidence base, representation in arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction and state bodies.
Intellectual property protection
Legal expertise, structuring and support of transactions, legal advice on state and international registration, development of documents on the preservation of rights to copyright products and protection of trade secrets.
Support of corporate activities
Legal support of business acquisition transactions, establishment, reorganization and liquidation of companies, examination of corporate issues related to activities, consulting on contractual, corporate and labour laws.
Labour issues
Development and implementation of bonus and incentive programs, support of personnel restructuring, development and analysis of employment contracts, local regulations, resolution of labour issues at the pre-trial stage or protection of company’s interests in courts, consulting on labour law issues.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Why outsourcing legal services with Unicon Outsourcing


We offer our customers our 50 years of global and 30+ years of Russian experience, and knowledge of international best practices and Russian peculiarities of business-doing


Our civil liability is insured by Ingosstrah. Therefore Unicon Outsourcing undertakes to reimburse its customers for all penalty charges levied by regulators in case they had been caused by our workers’ errors.


Quality assurance system at Unicon Outsourcing is certified per ISO 9001:2015.



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