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HR Administration Services
Зульфия Юпашевская
Zulfia Yupashevskaya

Head of HR administration at Unicon Outsourcing

Zulfia Yupashevskaya

Head of HR administration at Unicon Outsourcing

“Outsourcing HR administration is a great solution for various kinds of companies. Thus, startups may arrange proper document circulation from the ginning, while big companies with complex corporate structure may be sure that their HR management follows the same principles and observes all legal requirements anywhere, be it Moscow or Khanty-Manskiysk. Unicon Outsourcing experts can help you find a way through the thicket of Russian laws and bylaws, and make HR document circulation convenient for the company’s personnel.”

HR administration services include the following

  1. Analyzing business processes for the customer’s HR management and organization of the HR department’s operations (if needed)

  2. Organizing HR management from scratch (for startups) or developing proposals for optimizing existing work schemes

  3. Consulting on labor legislation issues

  4. Arranging HR documentation and developing local regulations for work relations

  5. Setting up IT systems for HR administration

Maintaining areas of HR outsourcing

  1. Labor safety

    Development and implementation of labor safety measures, preparation of all required documents, employees' training on labor safety issues, organization of medical examinations, investigation and record of accidents at work.

  2. Migration records

    We help with paperwork for foreign citizens: work permits, work visas, temporary residence permits and residence permits. We will track deadlines for extending documents and help you avoid significant fines.

  3. Military records

    Restoration, organization of military registration, formation of reports. Checking of the necessary documents, creating notifications for informing the military commissariats about the employees who are not registered with the military, but are obliged to be, etc.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Cost of HR outsourcing services

The cost of outsourcing HR services is determined depending on the complexity of the processes and the volume of operations. Each client is unique, and for an accurate budget calculation, you must fill out a request. After that, a Unicon Outsourcing specialist will contact you and discuss your company profile.


 Number of employees  Costs per month, RUB
 for 1 employee  5 000
 up to 3 employees  6 000
 up to 10 employees  10 040
 up to 25 employees  19 640
 up to 50 employees  33 640
 More then 50  Additional estimate is required.


  • 1C Employee Self-Service
  • HR Electronic Document Flow
  • Payslip HR-Bot
  • Portal for Outsourcing Management
  • Request System
  • Web Timesheet
1C Employee Self-Service

A self-service tool for employees to quickly resolve HR issues. The portal solution is integrated with the 1C database and allows connecting the HR Electronic Document Flow (HREDF) function.

The solution allows to:

  • view payslips and ask questions regarding the documents
  • request statements
  • obtain approval of requests for vacation, business trips, overtime, absence from work, etc.
  • view and edit personal data
  • control the remaining and used leave days
  • appoint deputy employees for the time of absence from work

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1C Employee Self-Service
HR Electronic Document Flow

An employee personal account with the ability of using the electronic signature function to accelerate HR processes.

The solution allows to:

  • study Local Regulatory Acts
  • process vacation requests (application, order)
  • process requests for work on weekends and overtime work (notice, order)
  • process requests for absence from work (application, order)
  • process requests for business trips (order, service assignment) 

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Payslip HR-Bot

The HR-Bot is a convenient service that helps employees gain access to the HR information and payroll data they need.

The solution allows to:

  • obtain information on vacation, i.e. the number of remaining vacation days, calculation of vacation payments, vacation schedule
  • issue payslips (both for the current and previous months)
  • display files in PDF format, including such documents as policies, instructions, regulations, and the company’s internal calendar
  • calculate the benefits an employee is due as per the company’s HR policy
  • request personal income tax form (Form 2-NDFL) 
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Payslip HR-Bot
Portal for Outsourcing Management

A cloud space where the communication between the client and service team takes place. This tool allows users to exchange documents, track changes thereof, set and monitor tasks.

The solution allows to:

  • share documents
  • store files in a digital archive
  • set tasks and track the progress thereof
  • communicate with the service team
  • quickly find the information you need
  • provide feedback 
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Portal for Outsourcing Management
Request System

A tool based on MyBPO portal allowing for setting and monitoring tasks associated with payroll calculation and HR administration services requested by the customer’s authorized employees. The solution allows to streamline data submission, monitor tasks in real time, minimize additional communication, thereby increasing the transparency of process control and ease of interaction.

The solution allows to:

  • have an integrated workspace available 24/7
  • maintain an up-to-date list of current tasks
  • sort, filter, and group tasks by date of creation, title, and other parameters
  • receive quick feedback on requests
  • set automatic reminders for tasks with expiring due date
  • generate regular reports for control of deadlines and requests processing time 
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Request System
Web Timesheet

Timesheets are intended for the companies that record total hours worked or feature a shift schedule, continuous operation, or regional branches.

The solution allows to:

  • create, adjust, and monitor schedules for compliance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation
  • coordinate approved individual schedules and timesheets with managers
  • create printed versions of work schedules, changes in schedules, and timesheets
  • automatically control the compliance of personnel records with 1C data
  • track all work time deviations in timesheets online
  • create and adjust time sheets as per the predetermined list based on approved individual work schedules (or estimated work schedules established during hiring/transferring the employee)
  • appoint replacement timesheet keepers
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Technological solutions

Industry experience

IT & Telecom
Pharmaceutics and healthcare

Advantages of working with Unicon Outsourcing


We offer our clients the experience gained over 50 years of work in the world and 30+ years in Russia, knowledge of international best practices and the realities of Russian business.

An experience

We have extensive experience in business processes and management of complex outsourcing projects for foreign companies.

Guarantees and control

Quality Management Unicon Outsourcing conforms to ISO 27001: 2015, and your information security is certified by ISO 27001: 2020

Success stories

Bonnier Business Press

Audit of HR documents for a publisher

20th Century Fox

Payroll calculation and HR administering for a stakeholder of film industry


HR administration, Payroll and HR administration business processes audit

By outsourcing the HR Department in Moscow and other Russian cities you are giving yourself a chance to effectively organize the company’s activities and avoid many challenges faced by the personnel service. Registering labor relations in Russia might be a much more complex area than entrepreneurs and even some HR specialists usually believe it to be.

Firstly, there is no unified document regulating all issues of personnel recruitment and management, salaries and taxes calculation, etc. These regulations are contained in different parts of the Labor and Tax Codes, ministries’ instructions and by-laws.

Secondly, in Russia, an employee enjoys greater rights as compared to the employer, which sometimes complexifies business operations. Moreover, a violation of the law may result in multiplied fines or even suspended activities of the company. 

Outsourcing of HR services covers arrangement and maintenance of document flow, audit of personnel documentation and business processes, HSE, consulting on complex issues of labor legislation, as well as an assessment from financial experts.

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