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Unicon Outsourcing's HR-bot is a tool which helps employees gain fast access to the information they need, and reduces the workload for the HR and accounting departments.

What is the latest version of the HR-bot already capable of?

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.


HR bot is available via messenger app on the smartphone, which is always at hand. All one need to do to access the payslip or know how many vacation days are left – open the messenger and click the button. Unlike colleague from HR, our bot will immediately answer questions and give information any day at any time, disregarding work hours.


HR bot is a relatively cheap solution which is secure and reduces workload. The app is easily integrated with 1C software, and the company doesn’t have to acquire any additional licenses. The convenient and easily accessible tool covers the stream of routine questions from employees and reduces the number of unnecessary communications for Finance and HR departments.


HR bot is protected against unauthorized access: the bot can only work with the phone that is registered in the approved database. Data is not stored in the app and is downloaded upon request. HR bot connects to the 1C databases, takes the requested information an delivers it to the employee.


Hr-bot can be set for Telegram and Viber messenger and used via mobile or desktop apps.

Benefits of Unicon Outsourcing’s HR-bot:

HR and the accounting department are freed-up

Greater employee satisfaction

Risk reduction for the company

Success stories

Schneider Electric

payroll accounting for 12 000 employees


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