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Free up HR and accounting resources

Increasing employee satisfaction

Reducing risks for the enterprise

Unicon Outsourcing's HR-bot is a tool which helps employees gain fast access to the information they need, and reduces the workload for the HR and accounting departments.
You can connect the bot when switching to payroll outsourcing. The extension is easily integrated with 1C, built into the Telegram and Viber messengers.

What is the latest version of the HR-bot already capable of?


Issuing payslips


Calculating the amount of days off left for holiday leave


Calculating the benefits an employee is due as outlined in the company's HR policy


Files are displayed in PDF format, including documents such as policies, instructions, regulations, and the company's internal calendar



One-time setup: from 5,000 rubles.
Further support: from 500 rubles/month

Leave a request, and our managers will contact you to evaluate the cost of this service for your tasks.
You can connect the bot when switching to payroll outsourcing in Unicon Outsourcing.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Advantages of the Unicon Outsourcing HR-Bot


Information is available within a few seconds, and there is no need to wait for a specialist's response


You are not tied to the office and computer - you only need a smartphone with an installed application connected to the Internet


HR-bot is protected against unauthorized access: the bot can only work with the phone that is registered in the approved database. Data is not stored in the app and is downloaded upon request

Our expertise

Optimization of expenses for salary calculation and personnel administration by 20%

Risks of data confidentiality violations have been eliminated: accounting no longer has access to them. Manual input errors have been destroyed by automating the entry of documents into the system

Transition to 1C, payroll calculation, and personnel administration

Development of employment contract templates for all positions and all departments (approximately 3 000 templates). Automation of payment order processes using OCR technology and 23% optimization of personnel expenses through configured vacation balance analytics

Establishment and management of personnel accounting and calculation of wages from scratch

The process took two weeks to complete, considering the execution of employment contracts. All audits were passed with positive conclusions from the auditors

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