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Personnel Electronic Document Management
A personal account is a self-service tool for employees to quickly resolve HR issues. Our solution was created on the basis of 1C with the ability to connect the HR electronic document flow (HREDF) function.

Personal account with HREDF benefits are:


reduction of communications between employees and HR department


reduction ofsignatures, filing and storing documents concerning HREDF enabled processes

calculation errors  

Our solution will allow you:

To set upthe workflow for remote operation of the company
снижение затрат
To reduce the cost of creating, executing and storing documents

To prepare internal documents regulating EDF in the company in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation

портфель услуг
To get a convenient online tool for approving and signing documents
To create an electronic archive with 24/7 access
To integrate EDF solutions with the accounting system

The Employee self-service provides for:


Receive payslips

Viewing and downloading for any period 24/7


Edit personal data

Employees can see their personal data and can promptly submit a request for their change/addition


Request reference information

The tool allows employees to choose the type of reference information, determine the urgency of issuing and track information about the status of the request


Create requests

Simplified procedure for agreeing upon business processes with the manager (request for a business trip, vacation, absence from work, overtime, etc.)


Control the remaining leave days

Remaining leave days and used leave days may be viewed at any moment


Read local normative acts

Local normative acts may be viewed and signed with electonic signature

The tool implements electronic document flow and employees can sign HR policies, applications and orders for vacation, time off and business trips with an electronic signature which reduces the number of documents in paper form.  Depending on the role the interface of the personal account changes for employees and managers of the company.

Advanced manager's functions allow to:


approve requests

The manager can approve employee’s requests or reject them


control the remaining leave days of subordinated employees

The manager can control the remaining leave days for current or future period


appoint deputy employees for the time of absence from work

The manager can appoint deputy employees and give them rights to agree upon requests



The manager can plan and approve vacation schedules, control the planned rest of leave at the end of the year, see the compliance with the plan-fact on the Gantt chart when their subordinates use vacations.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.
  • What is included in our solution
  • Stages of implementation of personal account and HREDF
What is included in our solution

  • Employee Self-service tool with HREDF on 1СZUP3.1

  • Set of documents regulating the use of electronic HR workflow in the company in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation

  • Electronic archive of orders and applications 

Stages of implementation of personal account and HREDF

  1. Optimization of HR workflow. We will describe the HR processes that are translated into the format of electronic document management, define the forms and schemes of interaction and coordination of electronic documents. We will analyze all the documents used in personnel processes, assess their necessity and sufficiency, suggest ways to optimize current business processes, taking into account the possibilities of solving a personal account with HREDF.

  2. Regulatory framework/regulatory procedures and electronic signature. We will provide a ready-made set of documents for a legitimate and safe transition to electronic interaction (LRA, Addendums to Labor Contracts), arrange for employees to receive an electronic signature.

  3. Technical solutionWe will upload and set up the organizational structure, users, type of their access and signing rights, document templates.  We will send the necessary instructions and teach your employees how to use a personal account with a digital signature.

Benefits of Unicon Outsourcing’s Employee self-service


It’s convenient for employees to create requests, fill out necessary documents, view data, and request reference information without additional paper documents and signatures


Flexible settings of agreement process chains and reports allow the manager to easily manage the process


Automated data transfer processes and check reports reduce calculation errors

Success stories


Payroll, Employee Self-Service


Complex accountancy and HR services for a hotel business


Payroll, HR administration, labour safety

Employee self-service is a personalized 1C application. It simplifies the procedure for coordinating requests and reduces the burden on the HR department and Accounting. Flexible process settings, automation of data transfer and built-in quality control system reduce the impact of the human factor and the number of errors.

The tool includes an electronic document management system and employees can sign statements and vacation orders, time off and business trips with an electronic signature, which reduces the number of documents in paper form. Employee self-service implementation is accompanied by regulation and an agreement with an employee that regulates the use of electronic HR document management in the company in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

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