Accounting Services in Unicon Outsourcing. Prices for outsourcing accounting.
Financial and Management Accounting
Full accounting
  1. Accounting according Russian GAAP

  2. Preparing managerial and corporate reports according US GAAP, IFRS

  3. Accounting financial results. preparing tax and financial reports

  4. Analyzing client's contracts from russian legislation point of view

  5. Accounting, tax and labour legislation consulting

  6. Closing the reporting period

Services for certain areas of accounting
  1. Function "chief accountant"

    We will help to plan the accounting policy and also if necessary take over the management of your accounting department

  2. Processing advanced reports

    We can take on the full cycle of documentation processing (collection, scanning, storage of paperdocuments and data entry of advance reports into the electronic system) or only part of these processes.

  3. Outsourcing of other accounting areas

    We can conduct separate areas of settlement with buyers and suppliers, payroll, tax accounting.

One-time accounting projects
  1. Accounting, tax and management accounts set up

    You will get a well-functioning system with an optimal tax burden.

  2. Notifications on controlled transactions

    We will help you pass tax audits on transfer pricing, and we will protect you from fines.

  3. Restoration of accounting

    We will put the documents in order, help you avoid fines and other sanctions from the tax authorities.

  4. Verification of contractors

    We minimize your risks: we will protect you from working with one-day firms and avoid fines for dubious transactions.

  5. Optimization of accounting

    We will analyze work processes, save money and create a target model to follow.

  6. Consultation on accounting and taxation

    We will help in solving controversial and difficult situations.

What does the cost of accounting services depend on?

Prices for outsourcing accounting and tax accounting are calculate individually and depend on many parameters: the area your business, the volume of primary documents and the number of transactions (bank transactions, invoices and acts issued per year, etc.), the company's revenue, the number of legal entities and if there are separate divisions, the number of employees, the accounting system and if there is the need to integrate several accounting systems.
mln rub.
* The calculation is indicative
Дмитрий Коваленко
Dmitri Kovalenko

Director for Accountancy at Unicon Outsourcing

Dmitri Kovalenko

Director for Accountancy at Unicon Outsourcing

Traditionally, outsourcing is considered to be of great value for small companies and foreign enterprises entering Russian markets. However, in fact, any business might find it useful. Medium companies often use outsourcing to put all their financial processes in order before searching for a new investor or a new fundraising round. Major companies prefer to outsource separate sectors of accountancy or hire us for short-term projects they cannot dedicate their resources to.

Our accounting outsourcing services will suit medium to large local and foreign business

For medium businesses
  • We take on the whole range of accounting tasks: from "primary" tasks to the function of the chief accountant
  • We provide you with a dedicated team of specialists, methodologists and a personal manager
  • We calculate taxes and fees, prepare reports
  • We will help you set up and maintain management reporting
  • We will establish electronic document flow
  • We take care of all communications with control authorities, reimbursement of incorrectly paid VAT and accompany office audits
  • We migrate your company from in-house accounting quickly and easily

For large businesses
  • We conduct a survey of accounting processes and offer an optimal model of work
  • We provide full cycle accounting services with clear KPIs
  • We can take on separate areas: advance reports, tax accounting, verification of the counterparties
  • We automate accounting processes and integrate accounting with external systems and services
  • We create service teams taking into account the needs of your business
  • We establish electronic document flow
  • We help to forecast your tax liabilities

For foreign businesses
  • We build a transparent accounting function and create an effective document management system
  • We conduct accounting and tax accounting in accordance with RAS, IFRS and GAAP
  • We automate data exchange between local and global corporate systems
  • We prepare reports according to international standards for the parent company
  • We conduct communications in English
  • We provide tax consulting, methodological support for business development in Russia
  • We takeover communications with the tax authorities

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

IT-solutions for accounting

  • MyBPO: web-portal for outsourcing management
  • Automation of corporate reporting
  • Electronic document flow
  • Automated processing of primary documents
  • Inspector Robot
  • MyPayslip: Employee Self-Service Portal
MyBPO: web-portal for outsourcing management

A single cloud space where the communication between client and service team takes place. With its help members of working groups exchange documents, track their changes, set and control tasks.

  • up-to-date data at any time and on any device;
  • joint work on documents;
  • saving resources during tax audit: all documents on the portal are electronic;
  • roles with differentiation of rights by folders;
  • calendar with tasks;
  • discussion board;
  • convenient search;
  • folders by services
  • feedback
  • customize personal views and alerts

Read more here.

MyBPO: web-portal for outsourcing management
Automation of corporate reporting

We set up an additional "1C" module which allows you to conduct parallel accounting according to the client's chart of accounts (GAAP, IFRS). Client can promptly receive data on the actual financial condition and transactions performed in the form that will be most convenient for analysis. Multivariate analysis with a wide variety of aspects (by Center of Financial Responsibility, products, customers, regions) allows you to manage the enterprise more efficiently.

  • when posting documents, entries are automatically generated according to the RAS standard (Russian chart of accounts) and according to the corporate standard (corporate chart of accounts).  Conducting transactions only in one of the standards (only corporate or only RAS);
  • generation of Trial Balance, account cards, transaction log according to corporate accounting data;
  • generating a report on untranslated transactions;
  • reconciliation of RAS and GAAP / IFRS data (comparison of Trial Balance data);
  • closing the period separately in the corporate accounting, separately in RAS;
  • carrying out reformation separately in corporate accounting, separately in RAS.
Automation of corporate reporting
Electronic document flow

Reduces the time for processing documents, paper and delivery costs, reduces the likelihood of losing documents, allows you to differentiate access rights and control the status of documents, as well as work remotely.

  • electronic archive with convenient search, control of deadlines and responsible persons;
  • acceleration of processing and approval of documents;
  • transparent process even with several stages of approval in different departments;
  • no need to use a separate document management system;
  • minimization of the human factor and the likelihood of loss of documents;
  • no costs for maintaining a paper archive for the creation, processing, transfer and storage of paper copies; environmental friendly;
  • differentiation of access rights to documents.

Read more here.

Electronic document flow
Automated processing of primary documents

The system with elements of artificial intelligence processes documents of any format (Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, etc.) and creates a posting in the «1C» accounting program, attaching an electronic version of the document to it.

  • excludes errors of manual input and duplication of documents;
  • reduces the time spent on entering transactions into the system by 20%;
  • convenient access to documents directly from "1C";
  • saves time of senior specialists for checking the correctness of reflection of regularly occurring expenses and income;
  • "takes" documents from the site of the operator of EDM, and this further reduces the time compared to processing paper documents.
Automated processing of primary documents
Inspector Robot

Our own creation checks the accounting databases of clients for compliance with accounting standards. Robot inspector finds errors and signals the need to correct them. Complex due diligence takes place in several stages: at the level of the service group, at the level of the head of the department, at the level of the methodology and quality control department.

  • Minimizes the human factor
  • Improves the quality of accounting
  • Optimizes the work of the accounting department
Inspector Robot
MyPayslip: Employee Self-Service Portal
  • round-the-clock access to payment slips for the entire period from any device with Internet access;
  • an employee can directly clarify the information on the payroll with a specialist;
  • request for information;
  • correspondence is saved on the portal, you can get statistics on the questions asked / answered;
  • confidentiality– payment slips are available only after authentication and only for the duration of viewing, protection against auto-hacking and https-protocol;
  • the solution is integrated into 1C:SHRM;
  • electronic document flow: employees can sign applications and orders for vacation, time off and business trips with an electronic signature.
MyPayslip: Employee Self-Service Portal

Advantages of Accountancy Outsourcing with Unicon Outsourcing


We offer our 50 years of international and 30+ of Russian experience, our knowledge of international best practices, and comprehension of Russian business practices.


Our civil responsibility is insured at Ingosstrah Insurance. We reimburse all penalty charges incurred by our customers should they had been caused by mistakes of our employees.


Unicon Outsourcing's quality assurance system is certified under ISO 9001:2015. It incorporates multiple internal and external audits, as well as preliminary testing before project launch.


We implement and customize IT solutions for finance, HR, production and management.


The information security system complies with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and FL-152.

Reliable protection and storage

1C databases are hosted on Unicon Outsourcing servers using the SaaS model. The servers are located in a data center on the territory of the Russian Federation. We will provide round-the-clock access, and in case of termination of the contract, you will receive an up-to-date database.

Industry-wise Experiences

IT & Telecom
Health & Pharmacology
Power Systems



End-to-end accountancy and HR services


Financial, tax and HR accountancy


Accounting, payroll and 1C tuning


If our employee fails to file a customer’s report in due time or makes a mistake in calculations, and the customer’s company is fined, then we are at risk of both compensating the fine amount and losing the customer. 

This is why Unicon Outsourcing has implemented a quality control system which checks accounting databases for compliance with accounting standards, detects errors and alerts users on the necessity to eliminate such errors. A complex, comprehensive check is carried out in several stages: at the level of service department, level of department manager and the level of methodology and quality control department. Apart from that, the accounting team’s operations are monitored by a chief accountant assigned to a customer. The company also has a system of automated notifications on reporting due dates (with each customer having its own reporting needs) to ensure timely reporting.  All this guarantees high quality of services.

We compensate any fines imposed by regulators in cases when these are caused by our employees’ mistakes (as stipulated in contracts for paid services rendering).  In case of poor quality work that does not entail any financial consequences, the provider shall use its own resources to eliminate all mistakes, prepare new documents and declarations, etc.

Our civil liability to customers is insured by Ingosstrakh Insurance Public Joint-Stock Company, and the quality control system has won the international CX World Award for best customer experience in B2B.


The IT infrastructure and activities of Unicon Outsourcing staff are organised in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001 information security standards. Upon employment, all employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. Financial and personnel information of our customers is stored in a single system which may be accessed only by the teams working with the customer. Moreover, every team has access to information of the customer they are servicing only, and so is unable to access the data of other customers. Specialists who work with personal data of customers use virtual machines which are inaccessible for a computer virus and where it is impossible to copy working information from. The use of any copy devices is strictly regulated and controlled by the IT department. Originals of paper documents are transferred to the customer or to the archive after processing, and their copies are stored for a predetermined period of time, whereafter destroyed by shredding. Detailed information on the data security system can be found here

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