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Custom development of 1C
Custom software development is a broad concept, which includes small additional services involving 1C customization, such as creating new reports, or major projects to automate processes that are not covered by standard 1C algorithms, such as setting up data sharing with the SAP HR module. Unicon Outsourcing provides these and other services.

1C custom development services:

  1. We automate new business processes, perform advanced analytics, and automate data exchange between the systems.

  2. We configure the forms that allow our customers to quickly create, view and download the necessary information in Excel, Word, PDF or other data presentation formats.

  3. We customize 1C configurations for your company, including 1C Sales Management, 1C Accounting, 1C Retail, 1C Salary and Human Resources.

  4. We provide different database access privileges for different employees. For example, we can have branch specialists see only their database, and allow access to the corporate information in its entirety only for the central office employees.

  5. We configure data exchange between different 1C systems, if such an exchange is not available by default. We also customize 1C and configure information exchanges between 1C and other systems that your company may be using.

  6. We ensure uninterrupted operation of cash registers, scales, scanners, terminals and other devices which support data exchange with 1C systems.

  7. We set up online data exchange about sales, warehouse balances, shipments between the office, the accounting and the logistics systems, and the online showcase.

  8. We provide online data about the receipt of goods, shipment and customs payments.

  9. One of the key Unicon Outsourcing advantages is its vast expertise in integrating 1C with SAP systems, Workday, MS Dynamics NAV, Concur, Hamilton, etc.

  10. We can program automatic and editable reminders and mailings for unlimited number of employees.

Alexander Perfilov

IT director Unicon Outsourcing

Alexander Perfilov

IT director Unicon Outsourcing

"The 1C system makes it possible to automate many accounting and HR operations thus saving time for financial and HR professionals and minimizing the number of accounting errors. In some cases, automated accounting helps reduce the number of the financial department employees by half or so. The 1C system can be further customized and adapted to your particular corporate processes"

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.



Adaptation to the scope and manufacturing processes of the organization. We perform “fine tuning”; the system will support generating reports, nonstandard algorithms, data exchange with external shells, editing reminders and sending to employees required by the customer.


Customized development of 1C by Unicon Outsourcing experts is always carried out with the minimum possible alterations to the 1C core configuration, which allows customers to update the system simply and quickly, transfer and maintain the bases without losing the developments.


Management of complex implementation and development projects is carried out according to PMI standards including monitoring of deadlines, quality and resources.

Our experience


Аccounting, payroll and 1C tunin


Data migration to 1С system, set-up of remote access

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