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1C Support and Maintenance

Despite its numerous advantages, the 1C Accounting System requires ongoing support. For accountants and other corporate employees to be able to use the system trouble-free, IT specialists must customize the system, turn on the data AutoSave feature, update the software to keep up with regulatory changes and provide administration of 1C servers that are used to store corporate databases.

1C customer support services:

  1. We provide software version updates.

  2. We make sure that the settings improve system performance, automate recurrent manual operations, etc.

  3. We eliminate errors in the system upon request.

  4. We provide 1C support. Friendly technical support provides clarifications on all issues related to using the program and its updates.

  5. We hold seminars for system users in the form of full-time training or webinars.

  6. We provide services for placing customer databases on the Unicon Outsourcing servers.

  7. We automate new business processes.

As a result of Unicon Outsourcing specialists’ work, you will receive an integrated 1C-based solution that supports all essential processes of your business.

For complex, unusual or large-scale 1C implementation projects, we also use a project management methodology.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.

Advantages of 1C maintenance by Unicon Outsourcing


Over 10 years of experience in implementing and operating 1C systems, more than 400 customers using our support services 

Quick response

Rapid incident response in accordance with the service level agreement (SLA)

Integrating 1C with other systems

We integrate 1C with SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics NAV, Concur, HDS, and Workday, to name a few.

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