highly qualified 1C specialists — programmers, consultants, methodology experts, project managers.


successful years of 1C-based software implementation.       


customers provided with business process outsourcing services.

We offer:

  1. We can help you with selection of 1C accounting system that suits your needs perfectly.

  2. We have methodologists and experts in accounting, IFRS, HR accounting, payroll calculation and labour safety.

  3. System requirements, terms of reference, testing protocols, design documentation.

  4. If necessary, our specialists will export data from SAP and BOSS-Kadrovik systems.

  5. We will set up the selected accounting system for the approved business processes.

  6. We will upload your data to the accounting system, and conduct data validation.

  7. Accounting system implementation, testing and commissioning.

  8. We will set up data exchange with other information systems through web services, HTTP services, com-connector and file transfer via SFTP.

  9. We can set up exchange of data with 1C, SAP, Workday, SUN, Navision, Axapta, BOSS-Kadrovik and other systems supporting data exchange capabilities.

  10. We can set up exchange with Internet resources via API.

  11. We will develop a training program and train your users in the new accounting system as part of the project.

  12. We will prepare user documentation for your convenience.

  13. We will support the system operation after successful transition with consulting, fine tuning and administration services.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.


We implement 1C for accounting of marked goods, set up distributed systems for 1C database, carry out connection of retail equipment, conduct information database audits.

We integrate 1С software with Internet stores, marketplaces (OZON, Wildberries, Lamoda), 3PL warehouses, client banks and other accounting systems.

Experience of transition to 1C from other accounting systems
Experience of 1C integration with other systems


A major pharmaceutical company

Implementation and set-up of 1C Accounting, Trade Management, Salary and Personnel Management modules

Schneider Electric

Payroll calculation in BOSS-Kadrovik system

Gigaset Communications

Three-way engagement model involving SAP and MS SharePoint

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  3. Transition to 1C
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