Setting up 1C

Each company is unique, so in order to organize effective and convenient operation of the serving IT solutions it is required to adjust them with account of the specifics of its activity. This is equally important for the high-demand 1C system. Unicon Outsourcing helps organizing the work of the environment in such a way that all employees would be able to use its capabilities as efficiently as possible, and the management can get all the necessary analytics. We provide the services for setting up and adjusting 1C and 1C-related solutions in Moscow. If necessary, we integrate them with external environments — HDS, Workday, Conсur SAP etc.


  1. Automation of typical manual operations, setting up the system for existing business processes within the enterprise.

  2. Employees of the enterprise will be able to create, view and transfer data accessible at their level.

  3. Including, with external systems, such as Workday, Concur, HDS, SAP etc.

  4. Including, with external systems, such as Workday, Concur, HDS, SAP etc.

  5. Our services include the “selective” setting up of modules 1C Accounting, Salary and Personnel Management, management of trade and personnel, personal accounts of employees, etc.

Advantages of dealing with Unicon Outsourcing:


Our company has been creating, introducing, and setting up flexible solutions for enterprises from different areas for over 10 years. We implement even major, complex, non-standard projects (applying project management techniques is possible) using the efforts of our own certified experts in the areas of Trade Management, Accounting, Salary and Personnel Management and IFRS.


We promptly react to new challenges, eliminate system operation errors, and respond to emerging issues.


We deploy and customize solutions, train users (onsite in Moscow, and remotely in other cities), provide advice and hosting for client databases on our servers.

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  2. Setting up 1C
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