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Integrating Workday and 1C
Workday is a cloud-based finance and human capital management (HCM) system that helps companies around the world to manage human resources for a global workforce. Unicon Outsourcing provides services to configure the correct data exchange between Workday and 1C, a local HR accounting and payroll system. Once you have uploaded data to 1C, you no longer have to enter employee data twice.


Unicon Outsourcing offers a full cycle of project management: design, development, and testing. Our company has a ready-made set of established processes ensuring that the life cycle of integration is organised correctly, so that the client receives the product meeting the agreed deadline, and with the agreed level of quality.


Setting up data exchanges between HR systems allows you to map local structures and processes to global ones in order to avoid having to enter the same data more than once. Unicon Outsourcing offers two scenarios to implement data exchange between Workday and 1C, which will enable to unify HR procedures and forms.
  1. This is the main scenario for international companies working with corporate HR systems, where the source database is 1C, and Workday platform is the receiving database. This scenario offers companies a solution helping them to comply with the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data (No. 152-FZ), primarily for data storage in Russia when transferring data in the course of global business operations. All the employer needs to do is to sign an agreement with staff for cross-border transfer.

  2. Primary data can be transferred from Workday as the source database to 1C, a Russian system for HR records, supplemented by local data. The company will be able to manage documents in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation. Data transfer on the part of 1C is configured as agreed with the company’s requirements and in accordance with its global policies / tools. The settings include error logging protocols before data are sent and uploaded to 1C, making it possible for users to improve the quality of data entering.


During the integration process, the client can choose which types of HR events and data they wish to exchange and have processed through Workday. The minimum level of integration usually includes up to three types. The maximum level of integration includes between 5 and 17 events or more. 
    • Hire
    • Transfers
    • Terminate

    • Hire
    • Changes in personal data
    • Compensations
    • Transfers
    • Absence: leave days, business trips, absenteeism
    • Terminate
    • etc.

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Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies
Our solutions are not suitable for individual entrepreneurs and STS eligible companies.



Employee data are entered into one system eliminating the need to enter primary data more than once. The workload for technical and HR specialists is reduced along with the possibility of “human error”. Employees will spend less time entering and correcting data errors.


Unicon Outsourcing has extensive expertise in data exchange design and understanding of the technical features of corporate management systems. The company has developed its own solutions for data comparison at both global and local levels, and has implemented dozens of integration projects for different companies.


Work to integrate Workday and 1C requires a project approach, as it involves time management, changes, risks, etc. This approach allows us to integrate the work of different teams and deliver a result meeting the agreed deadlines. The Unicon Outsourcing team works with the international Workday team and communicates with international clients in English.

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Transfer to 1C, setup of autoexchange of HR data within 1C and Workday

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