Dual-sided data exchange between 1С and Workday for multinational oil and gas company – Unicon Outsourcing projects
Multinational oil and gas company

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Dual-sided data exchange between 1С and Workday
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December 2018 – June 2019
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6 legal entities

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250+ employees

  • Direct communication with the global Workday integration team
  • Project management according agile process framework
  • Dual-sided data exchange between 1C and Workday of 11 HR events: Change Personal Information, Employee ID number, Contacts, Business trips, Change Job, etc.

Other projects

Настройка корпоративной отчетности ​ на базе Хомнет

Corporate Reporting Configuration on HOMNET

In three months, the corporate reporting was systematized and fully automated, and specific rules were developed to reflect operations only in corporate accounting following the requirements of the head office.

Бухгалтерский аутсорсинг по стандартам РСБУ и МСФО​ для Zebra

Accounting outsourcing according to RAS and IFRS for Zebra

Increasing the accuracy of reporting by 100%, automating the preparation of management reporting by 95%, and reducing costs by 60%.

Возврат более 5,5 млн рублей переплаченных налогов

Return of more than 5.5 million rubles of overpaid taxes

Two successful VAT reimbursements from the budget: 3 million rubles in 2021, 2.5 million rubles in 2022

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