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      Минимизация нарушений, связанных с охраной труда

      Labor safety has been brought in line with Russian law, and mistakes of the previous provider have been corrected. Specifically, we found cases of non-investigated accidents and non-archived, missing, and unsigned documents.

      Настройка корпоративной отчетности ​ на базе Хомнет

      In three months, the corporate reporting was systematized and fully automated, and specific rules were developed to reflect operations only in corporate accounting following the requirements of the head office.

      Бухгалтерский аутсорсинг по стандартам РСБУ и МСФО​ для Zebra

      Increasing the accuracy of reporting by 100%, automating the preparation of management reporting by 95%, and reducing costs by 60%.

      Возврат более 5,5 млн рублей переплаченных налогов

      Two successful VAT reimbursements from the budget: 3 million rubles in 2021, 2.5 million rubles in 2022

      Постановка и ведение кадрового учета и расчета заработной платы с нуля

      The process took two weeks to complete, considering the execution of employment contracts. All audits were passed with positive conclusions from the auditors.

      Возврат 8 млн руб. переплаты по налогу на прибыль

      Tax compliance following the Russian Tax Code eliminates reputation and financial risks. The company has passed annual audits with a positive conclusion from the auditors.

      Организация ведения воинского учета с нуля за 2 месяца

      Four hundred employees liable for military service have been registered. Unicon Outsourcing specialists inform military enlistment offices throughout Russia about personnel changes (hiring or dismissal) for each employee responsible for military service.

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      Возврат более 20 млн рублей переплаченных налогов

      The costs for regular tax audits were decreased by three times. The accounting costs were reduced by two times due to eliminating duplication of financial and accounting services. An electronic archive of primary documentation was created, and charges for archival rental areas were decreased by 50%.

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