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What to Do in Case of a Conflict Dismissal: Instructions for the Employer

if a situation clearly turns into a conflict, it is better to be prepared for the dismissal procedure in advance.


Key Considerations on Information Security When Working Remotely

How to ensure information security and mitigate the risk of data leakage.


Recommendations to employers

When resuming work in an unstable sanitary @and epidemiological situation


Confirmation of SME Status

Confirmation of SME Status for Legal Entities with Foreign Participation


What to Do if an Employee is Incompetent

How to save the situation by arranging the work differently.


Covid-19: key measures to support business in the Russian Federation

Overview of the key measures developed to support business amid COVID-19 pandemic of 2020


New deadlines for paying taxes

Changes in data of paying taxes and insurance premiums caused by COVID-19 pandemics


New deadlines for receiving reports

Changes in data of receiving reports caused by COVID-19 pandemics


Legal aspects of doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic

А brief summary of the most significant changes in the federal legislation


COVID-19 impact on the Russian tax legislation

The state authorities came out with significant amendments to the Russian tax legislation


Establishment of non-working days in the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Labour of Russia sent additional Recommendations to employees and employers


MyBPO Portal: Universal Cloud Solution for Employees and Clients

We has launched MyBPO portal combining the features of a task manager, chats, file repositories and Intranet providing.


Coronavirus: what can be done right now?

Our colleagues in Hong Kong faced problems that pandemic caused and assessed how businesses have been affected.


How to maintain effective work of remote team? BDO experience

How to coordinate the work of a telecommuting team so that business processes are not affected?


How to Ensure Self-Isolation of Employees?

Companies face some difficulties in legalizing the new work format.


Cases when a CEO May be Dismissed and how to Do it

When may the company’s owner part with the CEO?


Communication Issues in Large Companies

How to unite workfellows, direct information flows and get feedback?


International survey of function

BDO International Network is inviting you to participate in a survey conducted with leading tax and financial experts


Foreign entrepreneurs face challenges in Russia

What surprises and annoys foreign entrepreneurs, complicates their operations and even makes them leave the market?


Employers’ Questionable Bans with a Potential to Provoke Resignations

This paper depicts 6 groups of bans that may result in the resignation of valuable professionals.
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