From small projects to giant companies-Publication

Changes in the global and national economies call for innovative approaches. When no business development ideas come to your mind, you may get inspired by the experience of your colleagues. Read about how small but promising projects have grown to giant companies.


Hu Yong, Hao Yazhou. Haier purpose. The real story of China's first global super-company

An innovative approach and ambitious reforms are distinctive features of Haier in the home appliances market. A history of effective management, combining the most advanced mechanisms and strategies with the Chinese mentality.


Covadonga O’Shea. The man from ZARA

The rapid success of one of the most popular fashion brands did not happen all of a sudden. The story of how Amancio Ortega opened the first Zara store, which grew to a mass-market giant with an annual turnover of almost 20 billion euros.


Duncan Clark. Alibaba. The house that Jack Ma built

Few of us know that Aliexpress is one of 700 subsidiaries of the Chinese giant Alibaba Group. Duncan Clark, Chinese Telecommunications Entrepreneurship Advisor, tells a story of how Jack Ma, a teacher of English, has built a global trading empire over 20 years.


Akio Morita. Sony. Made in Japan

The monograph of the founder of the largest radio electronics manufacturer known to everybody today. Founded in post-war, destroyed Japan, the corporation has reached an enormous size and economic success.


Boris Alexandrov. Syurok. The Story of my Life and Business

The biography of a former general practitioner who has become a businessman. From the romance of Sakhalin navigating and a prison term to winning multiple prestigious international competitions for entrepreneurs and multi-million profits – this is the life way of Boris Alexandrov, the founder of B. Yu. Alexandrov brand and the President of Rostagroexport.

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СRS interactive map

BDO Global has created an interactive map representing the adoption of the CRS across the world.


Business-experience: podcasts

Selection of advices on strengthening the team spirit and lifehacks for personal and career growth.


What to Do in Case of a Conflict Dismissal: Instructions for the Employer

if a situation clearly turns into a conflict, it is better to be prepared for the dismissal procedure in advance.
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