HR-telegram: professional tips for managing a team-Publication

HR record management is not the only responsibility of HR in the company. HR specialists are engaged in selecting candidates and their onboarding, develop the corporate culture and enhance the attractiveness of the company's brand for its existing and potential employees. This new selection includes telegram channels that will help you stay up to date with news and trends, improve your skills in working with people, follow event posters and choose what to read at the weekend.

 Hr_Lifehack @hrlifehack
A large channel with professional news and tips initially aimed at recruiters and IT company executives. The resource offers tips for organizing teamwork, publishes the results of major studies and discusses global HR trends.

 PROkachka HR @prohrskill
This is a channel for those who want to improve their skills in management, time management, enhance their soft-skills, follow posters of educational projects and find electronic versions of popular hr-literature.

MarHR @marhrru
A large channel about hr-marketing. It publishes interviews, checklists and collections of training courses and useful tools.


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