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Today, podcasts are getting more and more popular: the audience likes it for the convenient audio format and a variety of topics. We have prepared a selection of audio programs that will allow you to adopt the business experience of experts in a particular field, get advice on strengthening the team spirit and hear lifehacks for personal and career growth.

Подкаст "Будет сделано!"

Will be Done!

‘A Course of Useful Action’ from Nikita Maklakhov, the author of training programs on personal productivity. Together with competent podcast guests from various businesses, he talks about mental kung fu and what actually leads to burnout at work.

Подкаст "ЪFM. Карьера"

ЪFM. Career

Here you can find answers to the most popular career questions: why problems may arise at work? How to learn to speak out and perform? How to remain motivated? And also listen to stories about the work of other people, for example, the Director of the Department for External Communications and Protocol about organising presidential negotiations.

Подкаст "Здесь и сейчас"

Here and Now

A universal podcast with real tools to improve your personal and professional life. Here and Now podcast will help you to choose the best book in the world, to complete 300 tasks a day,to generate and process ideas, or even to stop getting ill.

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