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Things to be Considered by Any HR Specialist When Preparing the Company for Lockdown

Olga Abashnikova will explain how to comply with all legal requirements during the lockdown


Electronic Sick Leave Certificates: How It Works

How it is supposed to work and what will change for each employee and employer.


5 Solutions for Effective Team Management in a Remote Mode

List of solutions that help you move your team to work from home without any stress.


Sick Leave in 2021

What is sick leave, how to apply and what impacts on the allowance in 2021.


Smooth Onboarding: How Corporations Are Onboarding Telecommuters

Good practices that help the new employees quickly adapt to the company,


Conventional Outsourcing Model Is Dated. Prospects for Replacement

Collaboration with an outsourcer doesn’t mean you can forget about the processes.


Mistakes Made by Foreign Companies in Russia

Yet many foreign companies are not ready for the realities of local market.


10 Issues That a Chatbot Can Help With

Employee Self Service solutions are becoming increasingly popular


Other changes in 2021

Key changes in legislation in the first half of 2021.


Changes in reporting in 2021

Key changes in reporting in the first half of 2021.


Changes to the Law on Living Wage

Key changes in the Law on Living Wage in the first half of 2021


Changes to the Labour Law in the first half of 2021

Key changes in labour legislation in the first half of 2021.


Remote Employees

What expenses of remote employees are subject to reimbursement


Outsourcing of Accounting Functions, 2020

The lockdown has hampered the outsourcing segment expansion.


A new report on the number of vaccinated employees

From July 1, 2021, a new report has been introduced in Moscow and the Moscow Region.


How has the market for outsourced accounting services changed?

In a crisis companies do not want to invest in the development of expensive IT tools.


How to Digitalize a Conservative Company?

Large organizations with a developed corporate culture find it hard to transform.


How to Switch Employees to Remote Work In 5 Steps

What legal and technical aspects an employer needs to take into account.


Resolution of mandatory coronavirus immunisation

From 16 June the Resolution of mandatory coronavirus immunisation was introduced.


Tax Tricks That You Shouldn't Fall For

How not to fall for common manipulations
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