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For the first time over the course of seven years, Russia's annual ranking of outsourcing companies has seen some changes. BDO Unicon Outsourcing has become an absolute leader of Russia's BPO market. RA Expert's annual ranking of biggest outsourcing providers released June 30, 2016, qualifies the company as the first in terms of revenue in the year 2015.

The ranking has been regularly compiled since 2009, and BDO Unicon Outsourcing has always been the second biggest company on the list among the providers of accounting, payroll and HR administration providers.

By the year 2015, according to RA Expert's assessments, overall growth of outsourcing market has seriously slowed down (6% against 10% in 2014, and 24% in 2013). Still, BDO Unicon Outsourcing's revenue has grown by 19.1%, thus comprising 1,123,656,000 rubles.

The company explains it with entering new markets, running bigger projects, optimizing internal procedures, and launching new services. In 2016, the provider has officially announced services on payroll calculation with BOSS-Kadrovik software. However, the company had the first customers using the software in question as early as in 2014. Currently, BDO Unicon Outsourcing's biggest customer in this niche is Schneider Electric with upwards of 12,000 employees overall.

"We aimed at increasing our revenue by at least 25% every year, and stuck to the plan; however, the first place in the ranking has become a shocker even for us. Probably, we've made a giant leap against while other companies experienced slowdown.

"I can't say the market is oversaturated, or, on the contrary, is frozen because of the crisis. There are still many companies in Russia that are gradually turning their faces to outsourcing model, or will do so in a while. Indeed, some of our customers or potential clients have to close their businesses. But there are others to replace them. For instance, we see cooperation opportunities with organizations from Asia Pacific. In order to mitigate the economic situation's impact on business, one has to consider all market trends while devising further strategies.

"The changes in the ranking are possibly explainable with the enactment of the law banning agency labor. Outsourcing organizations mostly focused on outstaffing had to halt operations or seriously cut that kind of activity. Anyway, this parameter is beyond any consideration when it comes to objective estimation of BPO market.

"It's an important phase for us. Being a market leader is a challenge. We realize our competitors will do their best to have their positions back this year. This means that BDO Unicon Outsourcing will have to double the efforts to retain the leadership. Still, it's more important to focus on developing our own business, enhancing our services, and optimizing internal procedures. Pursuing leadership doesn't have to imply losing our core values that the company had been built upon," commented Sergei Tiunov, BDO Unicon Outsourcing's managing partner.

Further details:

The 2015 list of the biggest companies: http://www.raexpert.ru/rankingtable/outsourcing/2015/main/


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