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BDO Unicon Outsourcing has become the leader in bookkeeping and tax accounting among the largest companies and groups of companies in outsourcing of accounting functions, according to RAEX ranking.

Companies are ranked based on the total revenue which they have generated over the period under review. In 2019, the company earned RUB 586,356 thousand and thus increased its revenue by more than 9% as compared with the previous period.The total revenue of the companies in the ranking amounted to RUB 11.1 billion in 2019, which is 12% higher than the year before.

RAEX representatives are sure that the outsourcing of accounting functions will let the business forget about bookkeeping issues, like who and when is to take a leave, what salary is payable to employees with regard to their sick leaves, how to make settlements with the tax office and update of the necessary licenses. All you need is to conclude a contract with an outsourcing company which will take on the tasks of salary calculation, HR administration, recruitment, compensations and benefits, dismissals, work standardization, provision of temporary personnel, complete accounting services, control of bookkeeping and tax accounting sections, preparation of corporate statements under IFRS, financial consulting, and chief accountant’s functions.

“Outsourcing of bookkeeping and HR record management with a major provider means much more than mere services of an accountant or HR manager. The customer receives access to an abundant methodological library, IT groundworks, and optimal business processes. The business environment becomes more mature; they come not only “to give away what they don’t need”, but first to analyze the processes and build a road map for optimizing the functions”, Sergey Tiunov, Managing Partner at BDO Unicon Outsourcing, told.

Source: RAEX


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